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FAQs for Knowledge and Discovery in the Library of Birmingham

How do I access literary collections for research?

The Library’s most popular items are readily available for access on the Discovery Floor (Floor 3)

How do I access legislation and law commentary?

The Library has an extensive legal collection. Current as well as historical resources are available, including law reports, commentaries and legislation.    

Can I access websites that can help me research legal, health, community information, and online newspapers?

The library website has all the information and links necessary to access websites and subscription services regarding legal, health and community issues.  
Ask at the Information Desk on the Knowledge Floor of the library for further details and guidance if required.

What groups are there that can support me and offer advice in the fields of law, health or community information?    

The Library’s experienced team will help you discover the support available in your local area including groups that can provide advice on advocacy, health and lots of other community issues.  

Can I find contact information for local groups such as creative writing, dance and swimming? 

Visit the Knowledge Floor (Floor 2) for all types of community information. The Library’s friendly staff can help you find the kind of community group you are looking for, providing one exists, and give you information on how to get in touch with it.    

Where can I go to get a valuation for books, stamps, painting, antiques etc ?

The Knowledge Floor can assist anyone in making a decision to do with any aspect of their daily life. The Library staff can provide you with the details of any key agency, whether it is an auctioneer, art dealer or book shop, for instance.      

Can you help me with primary and secondary school topics?

If you have a specific enquiry about reading material for primary or secondary school topics, the Library’s experienced team will happily assist you in finding the relevant resource. Just simply enquire in the Library at any Information Desk, or search through our catalogue online if you know what you are looking for  

Do you have manuals relating to repairing cars, TVs etc?

The Library has resources which can teach you how to repair almost anything. Simply ask in the Library and you will be directed to the relevant guide or manual.  

Do you have study guides for particular subjects and particular exam boards?    

The Library has a wide range of up to date study guides for a variety of subjects and exam boards.   Our friendly Librarians will help you find the best resource to suit your needs and there are also plenty of quiet as well as social study spaces available for use.