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Creepy Collection

Discover the hideous, the horrible and the downright horrific hidden in the collections of Libraries, Archives and Museums in Birmingham.
Can you write a spooky story to match them? These objects could be a fantastic inspiration for the creation of some super sinister stories.

John Baskerville's Shroud

The Baskerville Shroud

A dead body and a curse.  Read this extract from an ancient scrapbook... but don't touch the shroud!
Invalid's gas mask

Invalid's gas mask from the Second World War

A dangerous and potentially lethal contraption - almost as scary as a gas attack itself!


A fury from hell... and a mysterious figure aboard a pirate ship!


'On a Bat's Back do I Fly' - this spirit is bound to the great magician Prospero.      
Curzon Street Cat

The Curzon Street Cat

A mysterious mummy found at a Birmingham station. 
Kern Baby

The Kern Baby

A lone figure in a long old-fashioned dress stands in a field.  Who, or what is it? 
Death plaque

First World War Death Plaque

 A 'dead man's penny' given to relatives of those who died in the First World War.     
The little girl who would not brush her hair

The little girl who would not brush her hair

Watch out....! There's things living in there!
Medicine bottle

Formalin 40% solution

Warning: Medicine - NOT TO BE TAKEN!
False teeth and bone toothbrush handles

False Teeth and Bone toothbrush handles

Careful!  Watch out for your fingers... and the evil tooth-worm!
Dutch doll

Dutch Doll

"The children of Holland take pleasure in making, what the children of England take pleasure in breaking."
Shabti figure and Bes amulet

Shabti and Bes

Found within a mummy's tomb!