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Female Fashion 1803-1901

The R. Crompton Rhodes Collection of Fashion Plates illustrates 125 years of changing tastes and styles in European clothing design.   

Fashion plate, 1806

Fashion Plates 1803-1806

Natural materials and informal styles reflected a strong, classical influence from Ancient Rome and Greece
Fashion plate, 1811

Fashion Plates 1811-1818

The Empire Line and Regency Fashion
Fashion plate, 1829

Fashion Plates 1827-1836

Elaborate dress designs for every occassion
Fashion plate, 1838

Fashion Plates 1837-1860

As Britain enters the Victorian age, the young Queen becomes a fashion icon
Fashion plate, 1835

Hair and Millinery 1827-1874

Bonnets, hats, caps and coiffures
Fashion plate, 1806

Bridal Gowns 1806-1877

Exquisite designs for 19th century brides