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Glad ur not...

Be glad you're not a poor child living in the 19th century! Life was very short and hard work, with little money for food and clothes and none at all for toys.  

Poor people in a London street

Glad ur not.. poor and destitute

Imagine if you didn’t have enough food to eat, no games to play with and not even a bed of your own to sleep in?      
An apprentice shoemaker at work

Glad ur not... at work

What would you rather do today - go to school or work for 12 hours in a dirty, dangerous factory?  
A Victorian school girl

Glad ur not... at school

If you were given the choice of whether to go to school or not today, would you go?
A woman threatens a small boy

Glad ur not... naughty

Thought to be born evil, children needed to be corrected, punished and made to become good citizens.    
Children playing Booman

Glad ur not... diseased

Babies born today are likely to reach 100, but children born in the 19th century were lucky to live beyond their 30th birthday.
A photograph of a group of children standing in a Birmingham street

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