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Glad Ur Not...

Our Glad Ur Not galleries give a very vivid picture of children's lives over a hundred years ago. Many of the images are taken from the Parker Collection of Children's Books. Do they paint an accurate picture of what life was really like? Find out the background to the themes shown in the galleries.

Two brothers share a bed in Victorian London

Glad ur not... poor and destitute

Poor children living in Britain in the 19th century would have had very little to call their own and virtually no way of improving their lives.
Nosegay girl

Glad ur not... at work

What would you rather do today? Go to school or work for 12 hours in a dirty, dangerous factory? During the 19th century, the children of the poor didn’t have to go to school, but many went to work instead.  
The Best Scholar

Glad ur not... at school

If you were given the choice of whether to go to school or not today, would you go?
A woman threatens a small boy

Glad ur not... naughty

Thought to be born evil, children needed to be corrected, punished and made to become good citizens.  
Children playing Booman

Glad ur not... diseased

Babies born today are likely to live to 100, but children living in the 19th century would be lucky to survive beyond their 30th birthday.  
A family visit a child in hospital

Glad Ur Not...Victorian

Find out where the information in our Glad Ur Not galleries came from.

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