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Birmingham Portraits

This collection contains over 450 portraits of individuals of note dating between c1860-1930. The collection includes examples of carte de visite, cabinet prints, albumen prints, carbon prints, woodburytypes and gelatin silver prints. An alphabetical listing documents the collection from the Marquis of D'adda of Milan to William Wordsworth. Photographers represented include Barraud and Lock and Whitfield amongst others.

To find out more about how to book an appointment to look at this collection please contact Archives, Heritage and Photography. Original prints can be viewed in the Wolfson Centre subject to handling requirements. Please note due to the extremely fragile nature of some items in this collection access may be limited. 

Cabinet card portrait of George Dawson 1821 - 1876

Cabinet cards from the Birmingham Portrait Collection

The cabinet card format was invented by the London photographic studio of Windsor & Bridge in 1863.
Reverse side of carte de visite portrait of Thomas Avery 1813 - 1894

Cartes de Visite from the Birmingham Portrait Collection

Photographic format popular between 1859 and 1870. Superceded by the cabinet card format from 1866 onward.

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