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Fashion Plates 1771-1901

R. Crompton Rhodes (1887-1935) donated his prized collection of over 400 fashion plates to Birmingham Libraries and it now forms part of the Library of Birmingham's Early and Fine Printing Collection.
With the earliest plate dated at 1771, this unique collection traces over 125 years of changing tastes and styles in European clothing design and offers a rich source of information to students of fashion, textiles and costume.

Fashion Plate c.1771

Macaroni Prints 1771-1773

These amusing caricatures first appeared in British journals in the 1770s
Fashion plate, 1901

Female Fashion 1803-1901

Explore a century of change for women
Victorian Fashion Plate

Male Fashion Plates 1840-1870

Pantaloons are dropped in favour of the new fashion for trousers
Fashion plate

Children's Fashions 1829-1893

Children's fashion designs at this time favoured elegance over practicality
Fashion plate, 1893

Leisure Wear 1807-1891

Elegance and formality are not words we would associate with leisure wear today
Victorian Fashion Plate

Raymond Crompton Rhodes (1887-1935)

Discover more about this collector and benefactor