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Action, adventure, romance, horror, comedy, fact, fiction, graphic novels... Whatever books you like to read, Birmingham Libraries have many thousands to choose from!

Two boys share a story

My Favourite Book

We asked you to draw and tell us about the books you like to read
Russian dolls

Books in Languages other than English

Did you know that Birmingham Libraries have books for children in 50 different languages?
Children's Book Awards

Children's Book Awards

A guide to Children's Book Awards.
Young woman with books at a Teenage Reading Group

Teenage Reading Groups

If you love reading or just want to meet new friends, why not check out one of the Teenage Reading Groups in the city? Get involved in writing bo
Golden alphabet

ABCs and Alphabets

A is for Alphabet, B is for Book! We all know our ABCs because children have been learning to read in Britain in the same way for many hundreds of yea
Little Jack Horner

Nursery Rhymes

A beautiful picture gallery of traditional nursery rhymes and riddles. Can you guess the name of the nursery rhyme or riddle, simply by looking at the