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Uplifting Quotes

Be inspired with words in the lifts at Library of Birmingham!

Visitors to Library of Birmingham can now enjoy some Uplifting Quotes from famous writers and poets. Our new Uplifting Quotes feature words from William Shakespeare, JK Rowling, Dr Seuss, A.A. Milne, Groucho Marx, Spike Milligan, Roald Dahl, Maurice Sendak, Maya Angelou, Lewis Carroll and more!

Each of the 3 public lifts have 16 different quotes based on 3 themes; Poetry, Bard, Smile – click on each of the links below to find out what the quotes are. The quotes are played at random when the lift door closes, so you never know which quote you will hear!

Credits : Original Idea and Research – Barry Griffiths and the Library of Birmingham Innovation & Development Team.

Acknowledgements & Thanks to: BCU Studio (Recording) – Sam Coley, Amos Kemp, Dan Whitehouse.
BCU Students (Voices) – Alice Hackett, Lo Lo Lau, Ashia Llorente, Eva McGillivray, Huma Mian, Alex Ranahan, Claire Seller, Jemma Yoloye.
Other Voices – Larry Rew, Barry Griffiths, Paul Davies, Milly Taylor.
AMMBA – Rebecca Bartlett, Milly Taylor.
VYKA – Paul Davies.
Drucegrove – Mark Rider.
OTIS – John Greene.

Detail from a game from the Parker Collection of Games


 If you can fill the unforgiven minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run. If by Rudyard Kipling (1895).  See more lines from famous poems.
Bottom serenades Titania


Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.  See more Shakespeare quotes.
Summer Reading Challenge - Bats


I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of Library. ("Poem of the Gifts" 1959 - Jorges Luis Borges).  See more quotes to make you smile.

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